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Church Rochester NY

We are hearing a lot of responses to the "Killing Jesus: The True Story" series. Here is a story I am sharing (with permission). It is edited to keep it anonymous. I am jumping into the middle of the email – so hopefully it still makes sense. The email is about friends that they are praying for, investing in, and inviting to church. 

The husband is Jewish, the wife Catholic, but neither attend synagogue / church or are involved in their faith. He had some pretty negative thoughts on Christianity which he freely shares, (We hear " You Christians "often). So we spent a lot of time discussing and defending our faith (it keeps us focused). Sometimes it bordered on "heated " discussions, so in order not to get too defensive, I started thanking him since "we are blessed if persecuted in His name." He was the one who usually brought the subject up again and again, and I felt like he was searching for answers. Over time he became the watchdog for giving thanks before our meals. And for the first time ever in his life he attended church Sunday! He accepted our invitation to come to the Greece campus with us on Easter!  It was a great message and I was so glad you were so definitive about our Christian belief. They are coming back this Sunday because he wants to hear what you have to say about how Jesus was tried. Praise The Lord!! 

We love to hear these stories. Make sure you keep praying for, investing in, and inviting back. Tomorrow's message is asking the historical question, "Why Did They Want Him Dead?"

Church Rochester NY


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