A Final Visit to Maramara – Saturday

For the third day we made a visit to Maramara. I have been surprised at how joyful the people are. They respond very differently than most Americans respond after losing all of their possessions. We might think "Well, they didn't own much." That is true, but it is all they had. 

But they are full of thanks for the two months of provisions we have given and they are full of joy!

Here is a summary of today. 

Missions Church Rochester NY_01

On the way out – the driver made an offer of friendship to Nate. After a brief negotiation, Nate asked if he could drive the vehicle. And our driver accepted and Nate drove for five or ten minutes – even through a wadi (dry river bed).


Missions Church Rochester NY_02

We have been there for three days and we have never seen the well not being used. People come from neighboring villages to use it. One mother told me that before the well – she used to have to go at night to get water because it took too much time to put buckets down and pull them out of their "well." It is so exciting to see them fill these jugs (that we gave them) with water in about a minute.

If you look at the photo above, you will see that the pump is up and she is ready to push it down with her weight.


Missions Church Rochester NY_03

And this photo shows when it is all the way down. You can fill one of these jugs in about a minute.


Missions Church Rochester NY_04

This is the way most babies are carried around. This woman was getting water. I saw the same type of situation for women building their homes.


Missions Church Rochester NY_05

I wish every single generous person from Northridge Church could come and experiencing using the well that has changed the lives of this village.


Missions Church Rochester NY_06

Nate has the ability to make friends in any culture and language. He was intentionally overexaggerating his well pumping to get the kids to laugh. And they did.


Missions Church Rochester NY_07

The bricks had to made quite a distance away (before they had a well). Then World Concern helped them transport the bricks to this place (right near where the school is being built).


Missions Church Rochester NY_08

I had a lot of fun with the children today. We will show a video of it at church. The village has over 400 children. It is mainly children who get the water. Probably it is still a cool novelty, but they are using the well and gathering water more than the women.


Missions Church Rochester NY_09

He was running around naked until his mom saw our cameras. Then he came back out with clothes on.


Missions Church Rochester NY_10

You've seen some footage of our "Go Pro" camera in previous videos. I leaned out the window to take a photo of it so you can see what it looks like. 


Missions Church Rochester NY_11

This is us approaching the town of Goz Beida. Where the village only has "grass huts" – the town of Goz Beida is "advanced" in comparison. There is no electricity of course, but many people have generators.

More on our trip tomorrow…




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