Returning to Chad, Africa

Nate Bantle and I are getting ready to return to Chad in the next month. We weren't planning ot return until the fall, but our Advent Conspiracy offering was so large – that the Oversight Team decided we should go back and figure out how to use all the generosity.

We will be doing three things on this trip:  

  1. We will get to visit a missionary in eastern Chad and learn about his ministry there. When we went in the fall, I didn't know of any missionary there full-time. He and his wife are about a six hour drive from Goz Beida, so we will be taking an extra UN flight to get closer to him. We are hoping to get to his village for a day, but they have had some issues with bandits – so we will be playing that by ear when we get there. He might need to drive to meet us and just stay at a UN compound near the airport. We want to look into helping them with a project or some support.
  2. Then we will get to meet with the leaders of the Christian school in Goz Beida that we got to meet in November. Just a reminder… Goz Beida seems to be the "base" of UN help in eastern Chad. So there are many NGOs there and they have generators (for electricity). That is about a 90 minute drive from the village of Maramara that has no generators or schools. The school associated with the church in Goz Beida has 50% Muslim students. That is awesome and is one of the best evangelism opportunities possible. We want to see if there are ways our church can help them without hurting them.
  3. Finally, we will be returning to the village of Maramara where we are excited to see all the progress they have made and find out how we can help them in their next steps. We know the well in underway and bricks are being built for the school. The village needs to build over 40,000 bricks for the school. They have completed 25,000. Here is what 25,000 mud bricks look like:

IMG_1395 (2)

Those have all been made by hand! All they are using is a wooden mold to form the bricks. They are making excellent progress on these bricks that will eventually make up a school for the village and those in the surrounding area. I can't wait to see their progress with my own eyes!

  1. I mean if you can make it work, you’ve got a place to stay down here, a tour guide (me), and a bunch of kids that would love your love!

  2. We looked into doing another stop-over last time, but the cost was a bit crazy… so weve already purchased tickets… Maybe one of these trips!!

    We would love to see what you have going there!

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