Day Two of 16:5 (photo summary)

Planning for 16:5 began almost a year ago. And less than 27 hours after the first session began, the last session ended. Here are some photos for those who were praying for us:


Growing Churches Rochester NY_26

We capped out the conference at 615 attendees (plus about 180 speakers, staff and volunteers). So we were close to 800 total people on site. But other than a couple of moments between things – it wasn't overly crowded. Putting snacks in rooms near the breakouts made it possible to have that many people on site at once.


Growing Churches Rochester NY_27

We really appreciate our sponsors who made it possible for us to have this conference.


Growing Churches Rochester NY_35

Tom Melzoni was back again this year. He is the one who pushed me hard to do this conference years ago, and is always our loudest and biggest supporter. And he kindly teaches a breakout every year helping pastors think about finances. 


Growing Churches Rochester NY_28

A lot of our staff was busier than ever. Many taught three or four breakouts (like Courtney). 


Growing Churches Rochester NY_30

We loved having World Concern here again this year. I will be heading to Chad very soon with Mark Lamb and Nate Bantle.


Growing Churches Rochester NY_31

This isn't two pictures. It is one. It is Willie standing below one of our screens. 


Growing Churches Rochester NY_32

We ended with a great, energetic version of "In the End." It is a song we used at the end of 1 Peter. It was a perfect close. 


Growing Churches Rochester NY_33

Because we try to keep our auditorium from getting too full (new people hate packed auditoriums) – it isn't often that we have almost 800 people singing loudly together. It was a highlight of the conference for me!


Growing Churches Rochester NY_34

This was my favorite moment of the entire two days. At the very end of the conference, I asked the attendees to join me in thanking our 120 volunteers who spent two full days serving them. And it became an instant standing ovation, and it was – by far – the loudest and longest applause of the entire conference.

Thank you to all the volunteers who served so well, and thank you to all of those who prayed for our conference. We heard great feedback and look forward to what God will do in our church and in the churches of our friends who came to participate.



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