Day One of 16:5 Is Done…

Michelle Doerr took a lot of great photos. Here are some pictures she took yesterday:

Churches Rochester NY_10

800 people in our buildlng for 10 hours pretty much maxes it out!


Churches Rochester NY_11

We love that all kinds of ages come to our conference!


Churches Rochester NY_12

Patrick began our conference with a "spoken word" that he wrote. It was awesome! It was a combination of spoken word and some singing by Nate & Brit (that Nate wrote). I hope to post it down the road. It was great!


Churches Rochester NY_13

The singing was loud and energetic.


Churches Rochester NY_14

We had some fun during the opening session too…


Churches Rochester NY_15

Session one was about what makes a church irresistible.


Churches Rochester NY_16

A packed house.


Churches Rochester NY_17

We give breaks of 30 minutes between general sessions and breakouts to give plenty of time for people to connect.


Churches Rochester NY_18

Breakouts were in small rooms AND…


Churches Rochester NY_19

…in large ones


Churches Rochester NY_20

We did the second general session at the Greece Ridge theater and had to split people into two theaters.


Churches Rochester NY_21

No matter how many times I go to our Greece location – the screen amazes me with its size.


Churches Rochester NY_22

The theater let us set up all of our stuff in the lobby so people can see what a Sunday looks like when you do church in a theater.


Churches Rochester NY_23

Singing at the theater.


Churches Rochester NY_24


Churches Rochester NY_25



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