Filming in Israel – Day 5 (Wednesday)

The group flew out at midnight and got home Wednesday morning. Because the flights got cancelled for Nate, Brad and me on the way here – we are flying out tonight (Wednesday) instead of with the group last night. 

So it gave us a chance to finish our video work for the Easter series. We had four videos to film and a bunch of B roll to shoot (just background video that happens when I'm not on the screen).

We started early and were able to finish with plenty of time to spare. Here are a few pictures from our day. I thought this sign was interesting:



You can see Nate in the distance. He is trying to film the perspective of how deep the Kidron Valley is. That is the valley between the Mount of Olives and the Temple.



One of the final things we did is walk old city walls. It is pretty amazing. From the west side of the city – you can clearly see the Dome of the Rock (on the Temple Mount), and the Mount of Olives in the background.



Here is Brad and Nate walking on the northern wall of the Old City.



I love the views you can get from the walls of the city. Again, the Dome of the Rock on the right, and the Mount of Olives on the left. 



To give you an idea of how far it was from Jesus' death sentence to his crucifixion – this photo might help. The Dome of the Rock is near the traditional location of Pilate's trial and sentence of Jesus. And the two round, gray domes on the right are part of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. That is the likely place of the death of Jesus. I would guess it is about one-third of a mile away. 



Here is a closer picture of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.



On our walk back to our hotel – as a celebration of completing the videos (at least pre-editing) - we stopped at our favorite Shawarma place. We've had shawarma several times in the last two weeks, but this place was our favorite. 



I can't wait for everyone to see the videos starting on Easter Sunday! We are looking forward to landing in Rochester Thursday afternoon. it will be approximately 24 hours of travel – from our hotel to landing in Rochester. 

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