Filming in Israel – Day 4 (Monday)

When the idea came to me to film a sermon series in Israel, I was a bit naive about how difficult it would be. It has been a long, hard three and a half days! But it has also been great. Other than home, there is no place I love being more than Israel!

And Brad and Nate have done an amazing job with the technical details to video and audio record this series. I really hope you enjoy the fruit of it beginning Easter Sunday. Please be Praying, Investing, and Inviting now for this series. I think you will be glad you worked hard to get someone to Northridge on Easter!

While Brad is helping Nate with taping – he also takes photos… here are a few from today (Monday).

This one was from a couple of days ago, but there is no better place at night in Jerusalem. I love visiting the Western Wall.

02.08-04-Western Wall


Nate and our guide, Sam, testing some food in the Old City. We don't take much time to eat, but when we do – Nate is a big fan!

02.10-01-Nate's Food


Now that's a bagel!! They sell these throughout the Old City and our guide took us to one of the places where they are made. It was hot and delicious!



Nate getting some B roll at the Herodian (B roll is video footage that is used while someone is talking under it).



The Herodian is one of my all-time favorite places to visit in Israel. As much as I've always loved it, I'd never actually visited. I'd only read a lot about it. That was one of two major highlights in my day. If you aren't familiar with the story, Herod built a huge fortress in the desert and actually "built a mountain." He expanded what was already there. It is an amazing place!




We spent a little bit of time looking around the Herodian (about our only "site-seeing" for pleasure in four days.) But then back to work as Nate prepped to shoot the video while I reviewed my script. 



Our guide, Sam, answered some questions I've had about the Herodian.



We walked the tunnels that went from the top of the Herodian to the side of the hill – where Herod's tomb was found a few years ago.



Nate shooting some "B roll" in Herod's cistern at the Herodian.

02.10-09-B Roll


This cistern is amazing. This is the storage place for water for the palace at the Herodian. As high as this is and because it is in the desert, it is amazing how much water he stored here. You can see a couple of water level lines. It is an amazing accomplishing to get that much water in such a dry, high place.



This is the tomb of Herod the Great. It was found only in 2007! I think my favorite thing about being at the Herodian is this thought: 4 miles away (and clearly seen from the Herodian) is Bethlehem. Herod's palace overlooked Bethlehem. And Herod did all he could to kill Jesus (killing all the boys in Bethlehem), but today – Jesus lives and Herod doesn't. Jesus' tomb is empty and Herod's tomb isn't. Herod went down and Jesus reigns! 

02.10-11-Herod's Tomb


In case you haven't seen the Herodian. You likely can tell that Herod built the mountain up taller than it was naturally.



Here is what it looks like from above. We filmed inside the top of the Herodian today. Just one scene, but I loved being there!



Here was the way they defended themselves. Roll these huge rock balls down the mountain. They also would wrap rags dipped in oil around them and set them on fire.



So after a 45 minute enjoyable tour of Herodian (well, I think Nate worked the entire time) – it was back to work. The next stop was Caiaphas' home – where Jesus' trial took place. 

02.10-13-Caiaphas House


I've never cried in a museum before (except maybe when I was young and so bored I was begging my mom to take me home). But we saw some things in the Israel Museum that I've read about, talked about and have wanted to see for years. This is the ossuary box (bone box) of Caiaphas, the high priest at the time of Jesus' death. It was discovered in 1990. I have too many thoughts and emotions to tell you all that I was thinking standing inches away from this box.  

02.10-14-Caiaphas Ossuary


Here is another awesome find. They discovered an ossuary box and inside was the skeleton of a man who had been crucified. The nail is still in the foot of his foot bone! Crucifixion was used in Israel by the Romans. We had historical evidence, but this is the first archaeological evidence. It is an amazing thing!



OK – that's enough. I don't want to give up too much of what is coming on Easter.





  1. Oh my these pictures are amazing..They make the books in the Bible all come to life,How great is God to give you such an amazing experience to share with his people…Praise be to God! Thank you Dave and Nate this is amazing,Loving it!!!!

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