Well Being Drilled in Maramara

We shared a couple of photos at church today. In case you weren't there, I wanted to be sure everyone saw these two photos. This is in the village of Maramara!

Chad Well 01

Chad Well 02

The water source looks very good and by their measurements, World Concern believes it could provide 1300 gallons per hour – way more than sufficient for their needs. Once the well is up and running – I will share the photos with you.



  1. Do you know how much water is typical per hour for one of these types of wells? Or is there not really a typical amount?

  2. I know before the women had to walk 2 hours one way to get water. Do you know how long it will take them to get to this well? I’m assuming it’s much closer to the village.

  3. Im not sure exactly where it is, but Im guessing it is just outside the village – based on what they were telling us when we were there.
    The water source we showed during the videos is one right outside the village. 

    The two-hour walk is where they go when the close one dries up. Im guessing it is in the vicinity of the close water source.


  4. Thanks David! I really enjoyed visiting everyone at Northridge over the Christmas break. My studies are going well. I’m starting to see glimpses of how God is using seminary to reshape my life and the lives of my seminary friends. I miss Northridge but I’m glad for this opportunity.

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