Why We Use Tickets for Christmas Eve

If you are newer to Northridge, the idea of getting a ticket for a Christmas Eve service may seem quite strange to you. I wanted to let you know why we do that, and remind those of you who have wondered over the last few years as to why we do it. 

  • Before we used tickets, we had people sitting in overflow rooms. We want to do everything we can to have everyone sit in our auditorium. Tickets will allow us to be sure that everyone has a seat, and if needed we can stop giving out tickets for a service that will be packed. 
  • We want to be sure we have seats for your friends and family that you invite. Crowds are bigger at Christmas and if everyone shows up at the same time we won't have room for the people you invite. We want to give your guests the best experience possible. We do not want you to invite someone to Christmas Eve for their first Northridge experience and they end up sitting in a classroom rather than the auditorium or theater. 
  • We could add another service if needed. By giving out tickets, we have the flexibility to add another service in the last few days to accommodate more people. But by closing services that fill up, we would be able to likely stay with three total services (one at our Greece campus and two at our Irondequoit campus). 
  • It allows us to have the right amount of volunteers. Our entire staff and their families serve every Christmas Eve to give as many volunteers a night "off" as we can. But we also have several volunteers that we need to recruit, and we only want to have the amount of volunteers necessary depending on the size of the crowd (for childcare, parking lot, etc…). Tickets allow us to honor people's time and not ask them to serve if we know it won't be a packed house for a particular service.  
  • It makes it easier for you to invite friends. The number one reason people show up to a church for the first time is because a friend invites them. Having a ticket with all the details on it makes it easier for people to have those conversations. And it gives the impression that it will be something special and of value to attend. 
  • Makes things much easier at our Greece campus. Our campus at Greece is in a movie theater and the theater will be open for business (unlike Sunday mornings).  We need a way to get you to our Christmas Eve auditorium without paying for a movie ticket. Your Christmas Eve ticket will get you in and keep their employees from being frustrated that people are just walking in without a ticket.

Please be sure to pick up your tickets on Sunday. You also can download tickets online at NorthridgeChristmas.com



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