Tomorrow @ Northridge

Here are some things to look forward to tomorrow @ Northridge:

  • Tomorrow's Advent Conspiracy video from Chad is my favorite so far. It is a video of me talking to the village and then members of the village replying and thanking me and our church. It is a moving video. I think you won't want to miss it.
  • We have two amazing baptism stories – one at each campus. Two amazing stories of God's grace in people's lives. You won't want to miss these!
  • I get to speak with six other guys. A very different message. I am excited about it.
  • Don't forget that next week is our Advent Conspiracy offering. The goal is $80,000. What might you be willing to do to make your greatest Christmas gift be toward the greatest needs in Rochester and around the world?
  • Don't forget to pick up your Christmas Eve tickets tomorrow at the Welcome Center at either campus or online HERE. There are three services to choose from. Two services at Irondequoit and one at Greece. If a time doesn't work for the campus you attend – go to the other campus!
  • Be sure to be keep inviting. Pray – Invest – Invite. See if you can get someone to come on Christmas Sunday (Dec 22) or Christmas Eve (Dec 24). The 22nd will be a Christmas sermon. The 24th will be mainly music with a brief devotional. Figure out what the best invite is. Maybe you can invite to both.
  • Finally, tomorrow – you will see some dancing like you've never seen… I promise…
  • With the weather, be sure you leave early tomorrow – with plenty of time to get to church!

Christmas Tix

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