Starting the New Year Well – Bible Reading


Do you have a Bible reading plan for the New Year? 

There is no more important private discipline for a follower of Christ than to have regular time with God's Word. Have you set up a plan for 2014? I would encourage you to do that.

Here are some options.

1. I've read through the Bible many times, including 2013, and I've always used a plan from a Bible college near my home town. I used this "Read Through the Bible Plan" for the first time when I was in eighth grade. You can download from their website HERE. Or you can directly download the PDF by clicking on this: (Download 2014BRS). In this plan, you read two Old Testament chapters a day, one poetry chapter every weekday, and one New Testament chapter every weekday.

2. DIscipleship Journal offers three great plans HERE. I really like the 5x5x5 plan for those that feel reading the entire Bible might be a bit out of reach for them. That plan has you read through the New Testament in a year – one chapter a day.

3. You Version is an app for smart phones that offers many Bible reading options. Simply download "YouVersion" on your phone.

Maybe you have another plan. But I wanted to offer a couple of options. But reading the Bible take discipline. And if it takes discipline, you need a plan. So – before the new year starts – I'd encourage you to come up with a plan.


  1. Last year I did a chronological reading plan through YouVersion. That was an amazing way to read through scripture!

    YouVersion also has lots of smaller plans (read through certain books or even topical ones) to make smaller steps into reading scripture.

  2. I have a suggestion for a really good Bible reading plan! It’s similar to option #1, but gives you even more variety every week, which is great encouragement to keep on track. Some days are a little longer, some are a little shorter.

    You read Epistles on Sunday, The Law on Monday, History on Tuesday, Psalms on Wednesday, Poetry on Thursday, Prophecy on Friday, and Gospels on Saturday.

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