Don’t Bring Your Kids to Church Tomorrow (that is, take them to High Point)

I hope you don't miss tomorrow at Northridge. Here are some things I'm looking forward to:

  • I am looking forward to teaching the last eight verses of 1 Peter 4. This is an amazing passage. I think you will enjoy it and be challenged by it.
  • We will sing Christmas songs starting tomorrow. I love this time of year! 
  • At the Irondequoit campus, we will see an amazing story and baptism that happened at our Greece campus a couple of weeks ago. To watch a son baptize his mom is an awesome thing!
  • We are one week closer to our Advent Conspiracy offering and you will see another Chad video where I will talk about how we are helping Chad without hurting them (a huge priority for us). 
  • AS A BONUS (and this has nothing to do with church), but today (Saturday) and tomorrow at DiBellas – if you buy a sub, you can get chips and a drink for 40 cents (in celebration of opening their 40th location). Make sure you say "Happy 40th" to get the chips and drink for 40 cents!

One more thing – tomorrow's sermon will have a couple of videos – one that is quite violent. We have environments for children fifth grade and under. On a day like tomorrow, I'd encourage you use those environments. The "bumper" leading into the message is a bit violent (but it is a re-enactment and only shows some "blood", and then there is a CNN video that is disturbing (not a re-enactment).

We don't always warn people – as we want to focus on what is appropriate for junior highers and above, but as I'm thinking about it – I thought some parents might want to know. For some of you at the Irondequoit campus, that means having your children attend High Point twice (because you serve at one service and attend another). If they need to attend two – that isn't a bad thing. Those truths are good to hear twice. Plus, you need to serve and hear this sermon!


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