Why Is Our City Campus Called “The Irondequoit Campus?”

Occasionally we are asked why we call one of our campuses the "Irondequoit Campus" when it clearly is in the city of Rochester and not in Irondequoit. That is a fair question. I posted a blog on it over a year ago, but here is the explanation again, if anyone is interested.

Here are the reasons we call it the Irondequoit Campus:

  1. Most people assume we are in Irondequoit. Yes, our current property is in the city and not in Irondequoit, but most people who live in Irondequoit assume that everything north of Ridge Road is Irondequoit and everything south of Ridge Road is the city (or they assume the same about 104). And if you look at the map below, you will see that the southwest corner of West Irondequoit is shaped differently (it doesn't include everything north of Ridge Road). If the southwest corner of Irondequoit were "squared up" – we would be included. And that is the assumption most people have.


  2. More of our church lives in Irondequoit than anywhere else.  Although we are within the city borders, many more attend from Irondequoit (north of 104) than the city (south of 104). Note this map (click on it to enlarge): (note – this map is almost two years old for attendees)

  3. Calling it the Irondequoit Campus makes invites easier. That makes it easier for living inside and outside Irondequoit, as a majority of new people may not be excited about driving downtown (if they hear "Rochester campus") to go to church. Saying Irondequoit fits their perception of where the location actually is.
  4. We hope for a city campus one day. We want to have Northridge truly represented in the city and being at the most northern point of the city isn't the best way to have a true city presence. So one day we hope to have a city campus (or city church plant). Therefore, we want to distinguish between our current location and a future city location now – rather than make that designation when we go to the city.
  5. We want to avoid the "ugly step-sister" syndrome. One of the lessons we have learned in this process (from other multi-site churches) is that you want to avoid language like "original campus", "main campus" or "the first campus." We don't want the Greece location or any future location to feel like the ugly step-sister who isn't as important as the "main" campus. That is why we wanted to give this campus a geographic-specific name, and we chose Irondequoit over Rochester.

Here are where our two campuses are located. We hope to know in less than six months where our next location will be.


A bit closer:



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