Things I’ve Learned Along the Way – part 4


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Things I've Learned about Pastoring Along the Way – part 4: 

76. The difference between good preachers and average preachers is that good preachers stay in the study until the hard work is done.

77. Fight for your convictions. Do not fight over methodologies.

78. A cynical preacher is an oxymoron.

79. Do not plagiarize the Holy Spirit by taking credit for things the Lord has done.

80. Dig your own wells so you will not have to steal other people’s water.

81. Do not feel that you have to reinvent the wheel. Learn from others. And implement what is helpful and applicable to your situation.

82. God raises up all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. Your church will not fit everyone.

83. People say no to what is confusing.

84. Short-term missions should have long-term goals.

85. Tradition can be good. Traditionalism never is.

86. Constantly try things that are so great that you are doomed to fail without God’s help.

87. Never refuse any resignations. Ever!

88. Don’t take it personal. Even when it’s personal… don’t take it personal.

89. If you can explain what’s going on, God didn’t do it. 


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