Things I’ve Learned Along the Way – part 3

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Things I've Learned in Pastoral Ministry – part 3:

51. People do not give to needs. They give to vision.

52. Excellence is in the details.

53. Change does not happen by your shrewd leadership. It happens by faithfully preaching the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.

54. If you do not control your time, someone else will. And they most likely do not share your priorities.

55. Closing the back door may be more important the opening up the front door.

56. The attempt to micromanage a growing congregation will lead to moral failure, burnout, or unnecessary division.

57. Avoid hero worship. Everyone God uses is a jerk and a sinner.

58. Powerful and important theology is communicated by simply being there with and for your people.

59. The person who has to announce that he is charge, really isn’t.

60. Write everything down. Your memory is not that good.

61. It is better to work smarter than to work harder (Eccl. 10:10).

62. Stingy pastors will never produce generous members.

63. Work hard to get the right players on the team so will not have to work hard to get the wrong players off the team.

64. Many pastors feel overworked. Many church members feel pastors do not really work.

65. Constantly look for ways to make Baptism and the Lord’s Supper special events in the life of the church.

66. Preach to an audience of one.

67. You cannot get to second base and keep your foot on first base at the same time. Progress requires taking risks.

68. Do not be afraid to repeat sermon material. Most of your members do not remember what you said. And those who do still need to be reminded.

69. When a member brings you a complaint against another member, ask, “Have you talked to that person about this?” If they have not, refuse to listen to them.

70. When you staff does succeeds, give them credit. When they fail, take the blame.

71. The fact that the attendance is increasing does not mean that the giving will increase.

72. Avoid being the hero in your sermon illustrations.

73. You need to worship just as much as the congregation does. Do not miss the opportunity to worship by going over your sermon. Worship!

74. The command to “do the work of an evangelist” was given to a pastor.

75. Your wife and children are your most important church members.



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  1. “Many pastors feel overworked. Many church members feel pastors do not really work.”

    More than once I’ve heard someone ask “What does the pastor do all week?” If only they knew… 😛

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