Things I’ve Learned Along the Way – part 2


Continued from yesterday. You can see that post HERE

Things I've Learned About Pastoring Along the Way (not my list):

26. Never buy the lie that the church will not survive if you are not there.

27. If you guard your character, your reputation will take care of itself.

28. Beware. People who loved you when you first arrived may change their minds. Don’t panic. People who dislike you when you arrive may also change their minds.

29. Don’t be impressed by titles, degrees, and accomplishments. People are people.

30. Make friends with books. They will never leave you nor forsake you.

31. Do not read anonymous mail or unsigned letters.

32. Learn to live with criticism.

33. You cannot lead people and need people at the same time.

34. Never let anyone make you act like you don’t know Jesus.

35. A bow that is always bent will soon break.

36. Never give up on anybody.

37. Pastoral loneliness goes with the territory. If you cannot take it, you won’t last in the ministry.

38. Our goal in preaching should be to light a torch, not fill up a bucket.

39. The shepherd knew that one of his ninety-nine sheep was missing because he counted!

40. Some hurtful people are not intentionally mean. They are just thoughtless.

41. Comparison breeds contentment, damages relationships, and clouds vision.

42. Do not put a price tag on your ministry.

43. The one who is given the responsibility should also be given the authority.

44. Just because that person is talent, gives a lot of money, or has been a member a long time does not mean that person should be a leader in the church.

45. Aaron was more “spiritual” than Moses. And Joshua was a better leader. But the Lord put the rod in Moses’ hand.

46. Disgruntled members will not have an opportunity to get a foothold without linking their cause to weak leaders in the church.

47. Pastors often spend more time in conflict resolution than in prayer and the ministry of the world.

48. Put first what God tells you to put first when he tells you to put it first (Matt. 6:33).

49. Every pastor needs a pastor.

50. Do not make important decisions when you are tired or angry or hurt. 



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