The Biggest Challenge of Being a Lead Pastor


Probably the biggest surprise to me in the role of a lead pastor is that the challenges of leading a high capacity staff and leading them well is bigger than the challenges of preaching. And we have a great, amazing, unified staff! I can't imagine what it is like in a church filled with staff conflict. That is still very surprising to me even as I write this. But it's true:

  • The challenge of leading our staff is a bigger challenge than preaching compelling sermons
  • The challenge of leading our staff requires more time than preparing 45 minute sermons
  • The challenge of leading our staff requires more creativity than preparing creative sermons

I love our staff and I love leading our staff. I'm not complaining at all. I'm just recognizing that the larger our church gets, the more it tests my leadership capacity and requires me to grow as a leader.



  1. Thanks for leading well David! It is a joy to serve under you and with you! Love being part of the team and making a difference in Rochester.

  2. Leading is a very difficult task (way harder than many may think) & depends heavily on gaining/earning the trust and confidence of those whom you are attempting to lead. It is refreshing and encouraging to see the unity that exists with you and the staff – so in my humble opinion, you are doing a great job!

  3. Thanks, Ed!

    I should have added to the blog a huge thank you – to the staff who are amazingly patient with my leadership and patient with my growth!!!

    I lead an amazing group of people!!

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