The Best Times to Buy… The Best Times to Invite…

I recently read an article that says when it is best to buy certain things. It considers when bargains come up for certain items. Here is part of the list of when to buy:

  • JANUARY: Furniture, Digital Cameras, Big-screen TVs, Computers
  • FEBRUARY: Toys, TVs, Carpet
  • MARCH: Frozen food, baby items
  • APRIL: Used cars, Ski gear
  • MAY: Kitchenware, mattresses, vacation trips
  • JUNE: Health clubs, Museums
  • JULY: Diamond rings, furniture, condiments and soft drinks
  • AUGUST: Patio furniture, swing sets, swimming gear, school supplies, fresh produce
  • SEPTEMBER: New cars, landscaping plants and trees, Appliances
  • OCTOBER: Outdoor grills
  • NOVEMBER: Candy, Frozen turkeys
  • DECEMBER: Gift wrap, New cars, Weddings, Computers
I like bargains – so I pay attention to this type of thing as we budget and plan. The reason I bring that up isn't to save you money – although I'm all for that too. If you are making large purcahses – a list like above is helpful. 
I wanted to make sure you know that just as there are "best times" for certain purcahses, there are also  four "best times" to invite new people to church.
  • Christmas – people feel like they should go to church at Christmas
  • Easter – if people grew up going to church, people commonly feel they should go on Easter. 
  • September – back to school time is where people try to get into good routines. If they think that church is a routine they "should" be in – then they are more likely to say "yes".
  • January – people love new year's resolutions and fresh starts. Church is often a fresh start for people.

Knowing that is the case – who are you praying for – and who should you invite to church in September? Who knows what God might do.


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