New Staff Member – Josh Horn

We have some new staff members at Northridge Church that I would love to introduce you to! Josh Horn has been attending Northridge since he came into town to attend RIT. He will be joining our staff in the new few weeks.


a sentence or two, what will your job look like at Northridge?

strives to make and develop disciples of Jesus and I will be at the frontline
of this mission as the Director of Connections at the Irondequoit Campus. I
will be plugging people into community groups, serving those who are new to
faith in Starting Point, and helping attendees figure out their next steps! 

did you grow up?
Greensburg, PA — Southwest
of Pittsburgh 

your iTunes on shuffle. What are the first 3 songs to pop up?
Waste Your Life (Lecrae)
Stop Singing (Seth Condrey)
Make War

your favorite ice cream?
Vanilla (simple but elegant)

kind of car do you drive?
Blue 2006
Chevy Cobalt, unfortunately

does an ideal day off look like for you?
with sticks, throwing rocks in a pond, and chasing ducks with my son.

is one thing about you people would be surprised to learn?
I wasn't
born with the name Joshua. Ask me and maybe I'll tell you my original name!

your favorite thing about Northridge?
It is
biblically faithful and culturally relevant. It is possible to be both.

Have you ever won
anything? If so, what did you win?
I won an
iPad for "Best Poster" at a scientific poster session.

Have you ever
collected anything? If so, what was it?
I collect
keychains from places I go. To date I have over 300 unique keychains.  

Why did you want
to work at Northridge?
To work
with people you love, doing something you love, with eternal significance. It's
a dream come true…

What is one food
that you will not eat?
It used
to be ketchup. I still avoid it… but I can tolerate it now. 

What is one book
are you reading right now?
recently finished rereading "Til We Have Faces". It is easily my
favorite book and one of C.S. Lewis's best.

What inspires you?
people embrace the Gospel and come to love Jesus with all their hearts. There
is nothing more exciting to me than a sinner saved by the grace of our great

What’s your
favorite movie?
Avengers. I'm a sucker in general for clean superhero movies. 

What is one hobby
you have?
I enjoy
keeping up with technology. In my time in academic research, I had access to
some of the fastest supercomputers available in the United States. Today, I
love reading tech news, dabbling in computer programming, and tinkering with

What’s your
favorite restaurant?
Wild Wings. I love the sauce variety. 

What is something
God has been teaching you in recent days?
I've been learning to "consider eternity" when I go about my day. We
only have so much time on this planet. As an academic, I can pride myself in
learning more and more. But at some point, I realized that gathering knowledge
isn't going to amount to much when I stand before Jesus. Instead, my focus
needs to be on things of eternal worth, such as loving the Church and reaching
out to those outside. Knowledge is great, but it is just a temporary tool that
should serve us here and now to reach our world for Jesus!


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