New Staff Member – Ashley Hibbard

Ashley Hibbard has recently joined our staff as the Children's Ministry Assistant! It is a 10-hour-per-week position, but she has already proved herself very valuable to Courtney and our children's ministry!

Read the Q&A to get to know Ashley a bit better!

Random 2011 024

In a sentence or two, what does your job look like at
Northridge? (for those who haven't started – What do you think it will look
I am an assistant to the lovely Courtney Dyer. We get to do all sorts of
fun, creative things for the various children's ministry environments. The
things I do on a weekly basis range from running attendance reports on Sundays
to painting train tables to brainstorming and researching ways to best reach
the hearts and minds of kids to being Courtney's personal shopping assistant
(for children's ministry items of course!), and I love every single minute of

Where did you grow up? 
Miami, FL

your iTunes on shuffle. What are the first 3 songs to pop up? 

You picked me by A Fine Frenzy; S'il est un charmant gazon by Franz Liszt
sung by Felicity Lott; Wake Up by All Sons and Daughters

your favorite ice cream? 

Mint Chocolate Chip

is the farthest you have ever traveled? 


kind of car do you drive? 

A sweet 2001 Oldsmobile Alero, equipped with a giant
gaping hole in the front bumper and all!

does an ideal day off look like for you?  

It would start out with a nice cup of coffee and time in God's Word alongside
my husband, Trevor. Then we would take a hefty bike ride around town (assuming
it's not winter) and get a nice sweat in. If it's winter, then sledding with
some friends would suffice!  Come home, shower of course, and probably do
a crossword with Trevor (nerd alert!). Obviously, lunch is in here somewhere.
Meet up with some friends at a coffee shop and/or summer festival (if it's the
right season) and chat the afternoon away! Come back home, bake some goodies,
and have friends over for a game night! Let them stay as long as they'd like,
even if it means I go to bed before they leave (this actually happens…I love
my sleep!!). And all of this would be especially ideal if I knew I had the next
day off again!!!

is one thing about you people would be surprised to learn?

I am fluent in Spanish and Trevor and I hope to go translate the Bible to
an unreached people group.

your favorite thing about Northridge? 

The authenticity of the people: leadership and otherwise

is your family like? 

My family is me and my husband Trevor. We are goofy, care-free, and love
to meet new people. We are extremely sarcastic (sometimes to a fault) and love
anything and anyone from foreign countries!

you ever won anything? If so, what did you win? 

Yes!! An iPad mini for being a volunteer at the 16:5 conference this past

you ever collected anything? If so, what was it?

I can't believe I'm going to admit this, but yes, I used to collect pigs.
No not real oinking ones, but any sort of stuffed pig, or pig shaped object I could
find. It was so bad that eventually I was getting doubles of the same sort of
pig as gifts. Thankfully, that collection has been put away (into the bin at
Salvation Army!)

did you want to work at Northridge? 

There is nothing quite like working in ministry. I have a HUGE heart for kids
and their families, and anyway that I get to serve them I will take. I love
that I get to participate in what's going on "behind the scenes" and
work alongside some AMAZING people who challenge my thinking and get me to
think outside the box when it comes to ministry, and specifically Children's
Ministry. It is so rewarding to hear the stories of kids' hearts being impacted
by what goes on here at Northridge, and in turn how it affects their parents'

you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time? 
Probably reading with a cup of coffee or tea, and a side of candy crush 😉

did you meet your spouse?

At Northridge. Both of our small groups were doing childcare during the
Small Group Leaders Meeting one Sunday evening
after Vertical Worship and we ended up with the same group of kids.

is one food that you will not eat? 

Unless there are winnings involved, it would probably be Brussels Sprouts

is your favorite type of exercise?
biking or volleyball

is one thing you love about Rochester? 
the support of local musicians. I love being able to choose a variety of coffee
shops or other venues to go hear local musicians do their thing!! I also love
Garbage Plates =)

your favorite sandwich? 
Ooo another toughy….either PB and banana OR Wegmans Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey
with provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato on Whole Wheat Bread.

is your biggest challenge? 
Not being able to succeed at something quickly. I am generally a fast learner,
and when it takes a little longer for me to learn or catch onto something, I
don't handle that too well. For instance, wake boarding last summer…I could
not get up, and boy was I frustrated!!

your favorite movie? 

Oh goodness, I hate this question. Since I don't know, I asked Trevor and
he told me it's "How to lose a guy in 10 days" because I'm constantly
quoting it…haha

you could meet anyone from the Bible (besides Jesus), who would it be and what
would you ask them? 

Probably Solomon. I would love to have a cup of coffee with him and listen to
all the wisdom just pour from his mouth!  I would probably also ask
Methuselah "At what point did your bones start to ache?" just for
sheer curiosity.

your favorite restaurant? 
In Rochester it would probably have to be Esan Thai on Park Ave!

is something God has been teaching you in recent days? 
That waiting on Him does not mean to sit around and wait for an answer, but a
call to be active during the "wait." If He is not giving me a clear
answer right away, I have to ask myself, "Where does He have me right now?
And why? What does He want me to do with the time He's given me before He gives
me a clear-cut answer??" And it's been amazing to see how He uses me
during the "wait" as I make myself available to Him!

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