Enjoying Church


I love going to church. Although it feels strange, it is nice to come to Northridge on Sundays where I have no official responsibilities. It was great. I was able to sit with two of my daughters and listen to the other daughter help lead worship.

We missed last Sunday as we were out of town, but we listened as we drove home on Sunday. I love that you can see and/or listen to the sermon or the entire service. We watched last week's HERE.  (Full service HERE; just the sermon HERE)

Today, I was able to meet a lot of people without being distracted to try to remember my sermon and feeling the stress of the delivery. I love Sundays like today. I thought about going to the Greece campus, but wanted to sit in church with my fam.

The baptism – awesome! The band – amazing (and 100% volunteers, in case you wondered). Meeting with people before, between, and after services – a blessing.

Then there was the sermon. I LOVED IT! Whenever someone speaks – I always get the inside scoop well before you get to hear it. So I knew what was coming, but it really blew me away this AM.

Some of my "aha!" moments:

  • Whenever we evalaute the Author of LIfe based on purposes that were never his intention, we're going to reach faulty conclusions. (Wow, I've done THAT many times.)
  • God's silence does not equal God's absence. (I will use this in counseling a lot!)
  • It takes more faith to endure a "no" from God than to acquire a "yes." (That is SO true!)

Loved church today! I am looking forward to teaching again next week, but I love Sundays like this too.

To see the entire service from today – go HERE. (available later today)

To see the sermon from today – go HERE. (available later today)

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