When the Bible Isn’t Enough (video)

Last Sunday I talked the cultural war Christ-followers are losing (same-sex marriage). You can see that sermon HERE.

I also suggested that if we want to win the cultural war when it comes to a definition of marriage, we need more than the Bible. The Bible isn't enough. That almost sounds heretical and the opposite of what you always here me say, but be sure you hear what I'm really saying.

The Bible IS enough for me and for those devoted to it. And if the Bible is the only resource we have for morality, that is enough. But if we want to convince our culture whose consciences are not bound to the Bible, we need to think of cultural and logic support for a traditional view of marriage if we want to win the battle over marriage. 

Here is one such argument. Take a look at this video – I'd love to know what you think:


If you receive this by email, you can click HERE to see the video.

What do you think? Does it make a compelling case? What logical or cultural arguments would you make?

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  1. hmmmmm. I fear this is an argument that will only make sense to people who believe in the importance of the fundamental roles that God designed each parent to have in a family. Any homosexual couple who wishes to raise children together would argue that “it takes a village” to raise a child… and that as long as that “village” is comprised of loving, supportive people who are dedicated to giving that child a stable upbringing full of opportunities and unconditional love and acceptance, then it should not matter what biological genders the ‘parents’ are. Also, there are many examples in society where a child has been raised by a single parent, granparent(s), and many other family structures in which that child(ren) thrived. Actually, I would even go so far as to say that this video argument is just a slightly more sophisticated version of the old “Adam and Steve” argument, and is likely to be viewed as downright offensive to any proponent of normalizing homosexulality. “Unique” in the way that it is used in this video, could be taken to mean “weird” or “not normal”. As for my personal opinion on the matter, I have long thought that the government has no business meddling with the definition of marriage, as it is an insitution designed by God. On the other hand, I also feel certain that the church has no business expecting people who do not believe in God to live as though they do. This should include defining what is legally considered by the governement to be a FAMILY. After all, there are PLENTY of hetrosexual married couples who are not Christians, and do not live out the BIBLICAL definition of marriage, and THEIR unions are recognized by government.
    Mine may not be a popular opinion among Christians, but I do believe that a homosexual couple who wishes to be legally recognized as family in every way should have the right to do so. This includes raising children. Do I think this is the best enviroment to raise a child? Of course not! But there are many who believe that the way I discipline my children, homeschool them, teach them scripture, or that I let them eat hot dogs and drink diet soda, is heineous! Furthermore, I should not ever like to see the day that I would not be granted the right to foster or adopt a child because of MY religeous or political views. This is America, and in America we enjoy the separation of Church and governement, which, properly defined, should allow a legally defined union which creates a family that is recognized by the government as equal to any other family. However. Not all such unions should be considered or called “marriage” or be recognized by the church. Call legally recognized unions something ELSE. Do I like the idea that this would blossum the nomalization of homosexuality in our country? NO WAY!!! But, I do like that some very good friends of my family might finally be able to enjoy some basic legal rights that my family does. Simply put, we who all share this space are not all Christians. Not everyone should be expected by law to live as though they are. We ARE all Americans. We SHOULD all remember the freedoms to which that membership equally entitles us. 🙂

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