Submit or Quit… Responses to a Sermon

I regularly receive emails or text messages after sermons. Most are positive, some are corrective, a few are bothered or upset. It is part of the job. But the responses to the recent sermon on "When Your Boss Is a Jerk" have been a bit overwhelming to me.

And here an example that I thought may be encouraging to a broader audience. I thought this may encourage and challenge others (with permission, of course):


Thanks for the sermon yesterday!  I definitely needed to hear that.  And now I need to put it into practice … which is definitely the harder part!

As uncertainty rises at work, it is easier to be thankful that at least for the time being I have a job. We'll see what God has planned for the future.  

Yesterday morning I was reading Psalm 112, and verse 7 jumped off the page.  

"They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord."

When I read it, I immediately thought of the bad news so many are expecting to receive here at work.  I have been trying to avoid getting caught up in that, which is sometimes pretty easy and sometimes not so easy.  This verse reminded me though that I can indeed trust the Lord … and after thinking about it more, I realized that it's not that we don't fear bad news because He will always prevent it from coming.  So in my situation, there is still no guarantee I'll get to keep my job.  But I don't need to be afraid because no matter what God will take care of me, which is definitely very encouraging!  

That is awesome! Be encouraged today. If you are trusting in the Lord, there truly doens't need to be a fear of bad news!


  1. Our family was encouraged by the sermon as well… although we did have in interesting conversation on the way home about the use of the word “jerk.” LOL!

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