Do I Have an Accent?

Occasionally someone will tease me about how I say a certain word. This website is amazing. It explains 22 of the most popular differences in how we say certain words and sounds in various parts of the country.

I have tried to adapt – I now call them sneakers (not tennis shoes). I typically call it soda (not pop). and I try to say the word "roof" like those in the east say it. 

But this website is really interesting. Here is an example:



Click HERE to see all 22 maps and explanations.


  1. I’ve heard one particular habit in your preaching that gives away your midwestern roots. Sometimes you leave out the words “to be”. For instance, if your car needs to be fixed, you might say it “needs fixed”. The only reason I notice this is because I grew up in western PA and say it as well. I noticed a number of times years ago when I first started attending Northridge – I dunno if you stopped doing it or I stopped noticing but I haven’t heard it in a while.

  2. Forgot to mention, I am also a linguistic convert on many of these charts. The biggest debate among freshmen at RIT, given that people were coming from all over the country, was the soda vs pop debate (everyone agreed calling it Coke was silly). If you look at that map, Rochester sits nicely on the line as it travels through central PA. It’s pretty funny… most people from Buffalo say pop and most people from Syracuse say soda, but Rochester is actually a nice mixture of that word.

    I grew up pop – and am now consistently soda. (I actually feel self-conscious when I say soda around my family and friends.)

  3. I have a hard time believing that almost all of America calls sneakers (which is what they are) tennis shoes…..crazy!

  4. This was excellent. My coworkers and I all needed a laugh so I shared it with them. Everyone was staring at their computers going “Mary, marry…merry?” quietly. Quite funny.

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