Let’s Go to Israel!


(Photo of the Sea of Galilee)

We are going to Israel next February (10th-19th). Can you join us? We have an informational meeting this Sunday (June 2) and next Sunday (June 9) after each of our services on both of our campuses. The meeting will be brief (approximately ten minutes) and you will have most of your initial questions answered.

Here are just two great benefits of going to Israel:

  1. You will likely discover it to be a unique spiritual time in your life. There is nothing like being at the very locations were the Bible happened. It is very moving and you will grow in your love for God, love for His people, and love for the land He chose.
  2. You will never read the Bible the same again. I've been to Israel twice, and it is impossible to describe how differently you read the Bible and in your mind can "see" the locations that it talks about. Your Bible will "come alive" for you in a new way. 

I hope you can come to the informational meeting this Sunday or next.

Day 04 - 06-Bet Shean

(photo of Beth Shan – where Saul & Jonathan were killed – at the top of the hill)



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