Harry Potter and the Gospel

The past couple of years I finally read the entire Harry Potter series. I tried years ago but didn't get beyond book 3. I didn't really enjoy it, but a couple of years ago, my girls really got into it – so I thought I should track along with them.

Please check out this video for a beautiful explanation of Harry Potter and the Gospel. It is about seven minutes long, so I assume that only Harry Potter fans will be interested. But I enjoyed the Gospel themes of Harry Potter, but didn't see them quite as vividly as Jerram does. I really appreciated this video!


If you receive this via email – click HERE to see the video. 

If you want more about whether or not Christians should read books like Harry Potter – you can see a great blog post on it HERE.

  1. The best part of this is the fact that you read the books to be able to be in the conversation with your daughters. That’s a great example and I love it!

  2. Wow. I missed the “King’s Cross” thing….and I’ve read book 7 a fair number of times.

    Thanks, David. That was interesting.

  3. It’s great you read the books for your daughters. Because of the various themes in the books they are good place to start some conversations.

    I think your right for not seeing Gospel themes, some are there but Jerram sees things he wants to see. “In the final book you see quite clearly why it’s called that, King’s Cross” That statement is just bizarre or he doesn’t know that King’s Cross is a real physical train station in London. It works as the transition place from life and death for Harry, as the station was the transition from the Muggle world to the Wizard world for Harry. He also missed that Harry didn’t actually die, was just willing to, because Voldemort couldn’t kill him with magic. I think you can find allusions that you want to find in any good story all the while ignoring the themes the author intended.

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