What I Want in a Public School Teacher for My Children (Thoughts on Public Schools – part 3)

This is part 3. You can read part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE.


As a parent of public school students, I need to understand what the school can and can't do for us (as Christian parents) that I knew was happened and believed and taught when we sent our children to a Christian school. But that doesn't mean I don't have expectations of our daughters' teachers.

Here is a list that comes to my mind – - 

What type of teachers I want for my daughters as they attend public schools: 

  • I want teachers who enjoy children in general and are not easily annoyed by them.  
  • I want teachers who seem to like my children in particular (even if they need to pretend to like them every once in a while).
  • I want teachers who are not counting down how many more days they have until their next break (let kids do that… you are adults… you can handle it). If someone who works for me was always counting down the days until their next vacation, I would think they probably have the wrong job. 
  • I want teachers who love their jobs. If they don't – for everyone's sake, they should find another job.
  • I want teachers who recognize the benefits of their jobs (time off, molding the character of children) more than they recognize the difficulties of their job (thankless, often criticized, etc…).
  • I want teachers who are as concerned about my children's character as they are about their grades. Frankly, I'm way more concerned about their character, but if I could at least get them equally concerned for grades and character, I would be thrilled.
  • I want teachers who are happy to come in early or stay late to help children succeed. 
  • I want teachers who don't resort to yelling at their classes to get what they want.
  • I want teachers who respect our views of God, politics, parenting and life – even when we disagree.

What about you? What do you want in teachers? Teachers, what do you want in parents?

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