Update: One of Our Worship Band Members in Hospital in Boston!


The photo above is Gina (who is one of the injured in Boston) and her mom, who ran in the marathon.

This is a note from Nate Bantle – our Director of Worship:

If you haven’t heard there was a family from our Church closely involved with the bombing in Boston. Gina DiMartino and her family were incredibly close to the explosions. Gina's parents who attend Northridge were there – and Mona was running in the marathon. Gina herself was hurt and has been in surgery and will need more surgery over the next couple days. Gina specifically has a nerve or two that are damaged and a muscle tear in her leg.

I'd love to see us as a church to get behind and support those that are in our church body! A couple people from Northridge are heading up to Boston on Friday evening and we would like to send them with as many encouraging notes and gifts as possible. Would you consider playing a role?

Here is what would be involved:

  • Write up a note and/or get a gift for Gina and/or her family. (Mona-mom, David-Dad, Pete-brother, Kimberly-sister, Colton-brother in law)
  • Drop your note and/or gift off to Northridge Church (Irondequoit campus) by Friday at 6pm.

I really want to overwhelm them with support and love. If you could write up individual notes within your family that would be even better so that they could be reading hundreds of notes. Think through encouraging verses, favorite memories, what are you thankful for regarding Gina/family and more when creating your notes and getting gifts!

Please consider getting involved! Also, pass this along to as many people as you want so we can get as much involvement as possible.


If you are looking for gift ideas – you could consider the following:

  • Journals
  • Sketchbooks
  • Teas
  • Coffe
  • Reading materials
  • Visa gift/debit cards for general expenses
  • Chain restaurant gift cards

Here is an article from the D&C today: read it HERE. By the way, Gina was scheduled to play keyboards at the Irondequoit campus this Sunday.

Here is a note from Gina's Facebook page: 

I am ok. I need surgery to repair some nerves. I can't feel my right foot because nerves were torn. A chunk of my calf is gone. I am in pain. Pete Di Martino and Rebekah Gregory also need more surgery. Noah is still sedated. Mom, dad, Penny, Kimberly & Colton are  splitting their time between 3 hospitals as we all got sent to different locations. We covet your prayers.

If you want to donate toward their medical expenses – you can do that HERE

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