Precious to the Lord – Painful for Us (Bryson Sparrin, 7 years old)


Dear Northridge,

Last Thursday one of our HighPoint kids, Bryson Sparrin, went home to be with Jesus. We are told that precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His children. It may be precious to Him, but it is painful for us. Yet we are filled with hope because of where Bryson is.
If you had the priviledge to know Bryson, you know that he was always smiling, and always energetic about HighPoint.
Everyone is invited to to attend his memorial service, which will be held this Saturday, April 13th, at 1pm at Northridge Church.  
Bryson loved the color RED, so the family is inviting everyone to wear RED to Saturday's service.  
We'd also like to ask you to pray specifically for some of our other HighPoint kids whose daily lives are directly impacted by the loss of their cousin Bryson.  The Salamone family (Ruby, Tim, Caroline, and Claire) miss their cousin very much. 
For many of our High Point families, this may be the first time your children have faced the death of a peer, and we're unsure of how to help our kids process death, especially the death of a child. I was at the hospital with Bryson's mom as another child said to their mom, "It doesn't look like he's in heaven." So in moments like this, parents often wonder things like:
  • What do I say? 
  • What if I say something wrong?
  • What if I don't have the answers?  
  • Should I take my child to a memorial service?
  • Our family has been praying for Bryson for months… yet God didn't heal him. How do I help my child process that?
Below are links to several articles that are recommended to me by others that may be helpful to you as a parent.     

If you haven't begun teaching your child about the reality of death and eternal life, here's an article that might help get you thinking about it:
Be praying for Amanda!
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  1. Thanks for posting this, David. You know, I think before hearing this sad news my kids had not really wrapped their minds around the idea that children can die, too; not just adults. My children did not know Bryson well, but our family will be talking about feeling empathy for those who are suffering loss, and how we can lovingly express it. It is important to teach our kids not just how to work through grief and to take comfort in Christ, but also how to show loving concern to others without unintentionally offending. (I remember a sermon you gave years ago about the subject- a very thought provoking talk.) Surely we will be praying for everyone who loved Bryson!

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