Constitution Open Forum – Tuesday at 7:00 PM

Tomorrow night (Tuesday) is the second of two open forums for our final constitution vote.

To give you a bit of history:

  • About a year and half ago, we did a total re-write of the constitution. We voted it in for an 18-month trial.
  • During the 18-months we would see how it works and continue to make adjustments to make it a long-term document that works for a multi-site church.
  • The vote to finalize the constitution is April 7th (during Vertical Worship).
  • So we had one open forum (last Thursday) and one more remaining (tomorrow night at 7:00 PM).

Throughout the 18 months we've made a lot of changes. Most of them are minor changes, but the biggest changes that we've made in the last eighteen months include the following:

  • We are adding a statement to our distinctive beliefs about the role of women in leadership.
  • The church will not be approving the church budget. 
  • The church will not vote to approve the sale of church buildings or property. 
  • The debt limit that the Stewardship Team is allowed to approve without a church vote is 20% of the church budget (up from 10%).
  • We are changing our fiscal calendar from July-June to January-December.

Here is a brief explanation of those changes:

  • We are adding a statement on women's role in the church because it is a common question we receive and we believe it will continue to be an issue in our culture.
  • The change of calendar is as a result of not having a school. The school drove us to a July-June fiscal budget year. We think a January to December budget is better overall.
  • The changes as to voting on the sale of buildings or property and raising the limit of approved debt has to do with the speed at which things need to happen. Since we only meet eight to nine times on SUnday nights (when we would vote) – we wanted to make those choices easier for the Stewardship Team. it becomes crucial that the Oversight Team select the right people and that the congregation trusts those that they affirm for those roles.  
  • The reason we will no longer be voting on the budget is for practical and a multi-site reasons. It is rare that a church our size votes on the annual budget. As a multi-site church it is difficult for most to comprehend a budget that is so much larger than what people see on a weekly basis (some would wonder how their site of 300 people could approve a $1.5 million budget). Multi-site experts say that it also creates division between locations as some want to know why another location has a larger budget or larger staff, etc… and it can become territorial. Practically, I have discovered that in presenting twelve years of budgets – I rarely receive any questions. And we take a long time to present the budget. Instead of presenting it during a Vertical worship, we will present it in open forums to those who want to attend, receive information, and give input before the final approval by the Stewardship Team. The important role the church body plays will be in the selection of the Stewardship Team. 

You can email the church office for a copy of the constitution or for a document showing the changes. You also can receive one at the information center.

If you have any questions, feel free to come to the meeting Tuesday night at 7:00 PM in room 419! Also, feel free to email questions and I (or someone) will be sure to respond before the Vertical Worship vote. Thanks!

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