5 Questions to Ask Before Showing up on Easter

Here are five practical questions I'd like to ask you before showing up on Sunday @ Northridge:

1. Who did you invite?

Easter is still the first or second "easiest" invite Sundays to church. So who are you willing to "Be Bold" with? Don't say "no" for them. You may be convinced that they will say "no." Let them say it. If they say "yes" – it just might change their life. 

2. Where will you park?

Last Sunday we hit an all-time high (for a non-special Sunday). In fact it was the fourth highest attendance ever including Easters and Christmases! We had 1550 people between our two locations and it was the week before Easter. During the second service, we only had 60-some parking spots available in our main lot. All the staff, Oversight Team and Stewardship Team will be parking off site. You could help us too. Park in the zoo lot (where our staff, Oversight Team and Stewardship Team normally parks) or where we will park this week (JG Auto, High Qual, or the parking near the trail of the back driveway entrance). 


At our Greece campus – park where ever you want! There is plenty of parking at the mall! Although the closer new people can park, the more they will appreciate it.

3. Where will you sit?

To help with our seating, could you focus on the following: a) the front row is the emptiest row in the church. Guests would hate to sit there and you probably do too, but to create room – would you consider it? b) Any aisle seat is prime seating in church. Would you consider sitting in the middle of a long row?  c) Empty seats between people make you feel more comfortable, but create huge space problems. We've had Sundays with 200 empty seats, but we can't find four seats together for a late-arriving guests. That is because we all want our space. When you sit down – don't leave empty seats! d) At the Irondequoit campus, if we ask people to move in a couple of times, maybe you could consider taking your family to the overflow seating in 417/419 (unless you have guests with you).

At Greece, we are moving to their largest theater. Although we don't think enough seats will be a problem – the front (put a crick in your neck) seats and middle-of-the-row seats would be a great way to make room for guests and late-comers.

4. Which service will you attend?

If you are at Irondequoit and not bringing a guest and not serving during the 9:00 AM service, you could help us out a lot by attending that 9:00 AM service to create room in the more guest-attended 10:45 service. 

5. Are you praying?

Are you praying for those you are inviting, will invite, or others have invited? Please do!

Thanks for living a PI2 life — PRAY — INVEST — INVITE!

  1. It blows my mind that we launched a new site 5-6 months ago, taking a bunch of people with it, and you are already making the “park elsewhere” posts. This is incredible!

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