16:5 Update

Our 16:5 conference is around the corner. There is a ton of work going on here to prep for it. Every Wednesday, our staff gathers to listen to a couple of breakouts and give feedback to help make sure the content is as helpful as possible.

Here is an update:

  • In 2011, we had about 180 registered.
  • In 2012, we had 200 registered.
  • At this point (13 days before the conference), we have 277 registered!
  • We have 13 exhibitors that are coming and helping to sponsor the conference.
  • When you add in all the exhibitors, speakers, our staff and volunteers, there will be over 400 people!
  • 10 different states are represented by the churches (NY, PA, OH, IA, MI, WV, NH, KS, MD, MO)!
  • 8 local churches are sending people! 
  • A church from Iowa has registered 18 people!
  • A church from Kansas City, Kansas is bringing 9 people!
  • One local church is bringing 35!
  • 7 churches (at this point) are bringing ten or more people!

We are very excited for the conference. Thanks for your prayers! It isn't too late to register. Just have people go to www.Acts165.com to register.  

Finally, those of you from Northridge – be sure to come Monday night, March 18 at 7:30 for the evening session. We want to show those attending what a normal Sunday AM is like. The normal nursery is available if you bring an infant or toddler (no other childcare available).

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