16:5 Conference – One Day Down – One Day to Go

We are having a great time at the 16:5 conference. Thanks, Northridge, for your prayers and for being generous so that we can host an event like this!

16.5 Photo 1

What a blessing to hang out with so many people longing to make More & Better Disciples!

16.5 Photo 2

Over 80 volunteers plus our staff gathered for final prep on Monday morning. As I often say, "There is nothing like doing what you love with people you love!"

16.5 Photo 3

Now, if you look closely at this photo – I am speaking (you can see that on the TV screen). Is it just me or does it look like Rebecca is getting too comfortable in that "director's" chair?! Maybe I should get her a pillow for today.

16.5 Photo 4

I love singing at this conference. It is SO loud and energetic. I love to hear everyone singing so loudly! I'm not sure I've heard such loud singing while waiting backstage to come out to speak! I loved it!




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