1 Peter Challenge (and what’s coming Sunday)

I'm really looking forward to Sunday as we continue to teach through 1 Peter. We filmed a video yesterday that will illustrate part of the passage.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes out. (see photos below)

Don't forget to sign up for the 1 Peter challenge. If you don't have a Bible reading/study plan – I want to encourage you to be part of the 1 Peter challenge. Weekly, you will receive an email with a PDF attachment giving you your assignment for the week.  You will read through the book once a week with a small assignment attached. This will be a way to help you dig deeper into the book than you can get by showing up on Sunday morning and at your community group each week.

Those who participate will be reading through the book at least two dozens times, hearing a sermon on it every week, and discussing the implications of the book with a group of friends every week! They will be VERY familiar with this book by the time we are done with the book.

I want to help those who are reading through the book weekly. So – if you are taking the 1 Peter Challenge (to read through the book weekly) – I'd like to send you a weekly email. It will be a simple assignment that you will do while you read to help you understand the book better.

So if you are going to try to read it weekly, let me know. If we know before Sunday, you will receive a weekly email from me giving you a weekly assignment (that will help you comprehend what you are reading). Let me know by replying to this email, leaving a comment on the blog, or sending me a direct email.

Some photos from our video shoot:

Rope video 01

Rope video 02

Rope video 03


  1. Hi David! I think I may have forgotten to turn in my connections card. I would like to be included in the 1 Peter Challenge! Thank you for doing this!!

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