Isreal Trip – Favorite Photo

Here is my favorite photo I took in Israel:

Day 06 - 09-Rainbow

We went out to the Judean desert – a few miles from Jerusalem and while there – this rainbow appeared. I don't know that I'd seen one so clear, full of color and complete – from one end to the other.

Here are a couple of more views of it:

Day 06 - 11-Rainbow

Day 06 - 12-Rainbow

We had been walking in quit a bit of rain in Jerusalem in the morning – so to have the sun come out and the rainbow appear was amazing!

So many of you have been faithfully reading this daily while on my trip and making encouraging comments – thank you! I hope that you might consider joining me on an "Israel Study Trip" next year as I will be planning to take a church group. We have a limit of 42 people. Maybe you can be one of them?

  1. David, loved tracking your trip through your blog, thanks for taking the time to do this. Count Dave and me in for next year!

  2. Beautiful pictures – love the hint of a double rainbow in the first picture. Thanks for taking the time to share some highlights on your trip. I’ve enjoyed reading and would love to take an Israel trip!

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