Considering the New Year – Giving Habits


A new year… a new start. I love new starts and January 1st is the best "new start" of the year.

I wanted to remind you of what I'm asking everyone at Northridge to do this year:

  1. Figure out how much you gave in 2012 to Kingdom-oriented ministries (church, missionaries, ministries). You can't figure out how to grow if you don't know where you are.
  2. Decide what a good growth goal would be for 2013. Don't be one who "gives by accident" because you didn't "pre-decide."  Decide now for 2013 how generous you want to be.
  3. Decide what ministries those funds will go to. Try not to decide all of them or you won't be able to give to new ministries. My wife and I decided a long time ago to give at least 10% to our church and anything above that may go to our church, Creating Spaces (capital campaign at church), missionaries, or other ministries. I've never regretted that decision. Whatever you decide – just decide and stick with it! Make sacrifices in other places in your budget, but not here.
  4. Take the steps to make that happen. Intentions don't get you anywhere. I think automated, online giving is a great way to go because it allows you to prioritize your giving (first fruits). It allows you to give first before anything else. And I've found if I can automate what's important – it helps me keep my giving priority when life gets busy and I get distracted. You might consider automatic deductions through our church website or whatever ministries you support.


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