A Sad Birthday – Imagine Life Without Apple

Sad BirthdayIt is a sad birthday today (instead of a Happy one).

Perhaps we can recognize the significance of today by sharing a story.

Over half of American homes now have at least one Apple product in them. I am typing this in an MacBook Pro and my iPhone and iPad are sitting nearby. Each of my girls have an iPod and one of my daughters bought herself an iPhone.

Steve Jobs has made a huge technological "splash" in the world through his leadership at Apple.

But abortion could have eliminated all of this technology.

Steve was given up for adoption in 1955 by his unwed mother, Joanne Shieble. Abortion was not an easy option in the small Catholic community where she lived so she ultimately took shelter in San Francisco under the care of a doctor who provided for unwed mothers, delivered their babies, and arranged for adoptions.

Steve was always told about his birth mother but he never tryied to connect with her under his mom, Clara Jobs, died in 1986.

He said he didn't want his adoptive parents to feel like they weren't his parents. But after the death of his mom, he felt ready to meet his birth mom. He told his biographer, "I wanted to meet my biological mother mostly to see if she was okay and to thank her, because I'm glad I didn't end up as an abortion. She was twenty-three and she went through a lot to have me."

If abortion had been legal – I wonder what the world would have missed.

And so today – I offer a "Sad Birthday" on the 40th anniversay of Roe v Wade, and I wonder how many other potential Steve Jobs have been eliminated through abortion. Centainly many of the 55 million aborted babies would have made an impact on all of our lives.

  1. Well, I’m no Steve Jobs, but I would have definitely been aborted had it been legal. Thankfully it was not. If for no other reason, I helped bring into this world an awesome daughter that may just be the next person to make her mark in this world and help it be a better place until Jesus returns. I may not have contributed what Steve has to this world, but I figure God’s not done with me yet either 🙂 Awesome post, David

  2. David- My wife and I appreciate your willingness to speak up for the pre-born children on this “Sad Birthday.” We also commend you and the NR donors who made sacrificial gifts to CompassCare during the “Advent Conspiracy” offering in order to help “erase the need for abortion” in Rochester.

    Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. – If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay each person according to what he has done? – (Proverbs 24:11-12)

    Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow. “Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool. (Isaiah 1:17-18)

  3. If Alois Hilter was aborted instead of being born as an illegitimate child then there would have been no Adolf Hilter. Millions of lives would not have to have been needlessly lost.

  4. Mark,

    I think there are many moral ways Hitler could have been stopped without resorting to an immoral one. I don’t think you will find any pro-Lifer who thinks Hitler’s mom should have aborted him.

  5. David, I have said before I don’t think that abortion is necessarily immoral, sometimes it is the moral option. The case of Savita Halappanavar would be a clear instance of abortion being the moral choice.

    I agree pro-lifers wouldn’t advocate abortion for Hilter though it could have saved millions of lives, which makes me wonder if pro-lifers are really interested in saving life. The point is Steve Jobs mom didn’t have an abortion so now we have Apple products is a bad argument against abortion. If she was a good Christian women she wouldn’t have had premarital sex, if she chose to keep Steve, if he was adopted by other people you still wouldn’t have your beloved Apple products.

    The funny thing is (and correct me if I am wrong) according to your theology Steve Jobs is probably in hell where if he was aborted he could be in heaven. Is it really better that you have your toys and his soul is in hell?

  6. Mark,

    I hope we both agree that the Savita Halappanavar case is a terrible argument for all abortion should be legal at all times, ways and places. What I find most interesting these days is the pro-abortion activists that are now saying, Yes, abortion kills a person – so what! I think that is the honest and logical conclusion they need to make based on their theology.  I recently read another article espousing the killing of newborn infants based on quality of life issues. Again, I view that as a logical and necessary conclusion of a honest and consistent, pro-choice argument.

    You really dont conclude that pro-lifers opposed to the abortion of Hitler dont really want to save lives – do you? That seems like a real stretch for you, Mark. You are more gracious and logical than that. That is like saying that all pro-choice people ultimately just want to kill babies.

    I dont think the existence of our Apple toys are a good pro-life argument. But I do think that those who are pro-abortion need to consider who that fetus would become. I think it is a powerful emotional argument not a theological one. I think we need to view fetuses as human beings – not as potential human beings.

    Steve Jobs eternal destination goes back to the Hitler argument. If every baby killed is in heaven – we should be in favor of abortion and should kill every baby in the world, really is a theologically indefensible argument. Although the Bible isnt clear about the eternal destination of babies who die, it does seem to hint at the reality of their presence in heaven. So if it is true – I rejoice – not in the killing of 55 million innocent children, but I rejoice in mercy of God who saves them when fallen human beings kill them. But what would most glorify God would be for them to be born, live, and choose whether they will live or die eternally. That would glorify God much more than being killed by pro-choice moms before every making a choice. 

  7. David, I wasn’t saying that Savita’s case was an argument for legalizing all abortion but there are cases where abortion is the moral option to save a life. Most people that I have heard say “Yes, abortion kills a person – so what!” are only conceding the point for the sake of argument and I agree that it is an honest and logical conclusion. As with Savita’s case, that “person” should have been killed to save her life, a very Jewish view I might add. As for the killing of newborns that is not a logical and necessary conclusion within the modern world, within some tribal cultures where more children can’t be supported and may lead to harm to the tribe it could very well be the logical and necessary action to take. I don’t deny it is a cold hard reality of the world.

    People in flavor of allowing women to have the choice for an abortion are “pro-choice” not “pro-abortion.” There may be some people who are “pro-abortion” but their view of life is as worthless as the extreme “anti-abortion” crew that say “there is no reason for a women to have an abortion and it should be illegal in all cases.” As I think “pro-life” is a misnomer because they are interested in women not having the choice of abortion, and in some case contraception, “anti-choice” maybe a better label, but those aren’t the labels we use.

    Thank you, I am more gracious than that. I think people that identify as “pro-life” are motivated by the idea of saving lives, though I think often times they are misguided, misinformed and unwilling to go beyond just trying to stop abortion. If people claim to be pro-life and are against using money to fund social services, medical care for underprivileged and are for sending people to needless wars, then yes I question their interest in saving lives.

    I agree that the argument is an emotional one and appealing to emotion is a logical fallacy. Steve Jobs being aborted is a hypothetical meant to make an emotional appeal to stop abortions, as the Hitler argument is an emotional appeal to allow abortion, both are bad arguments for defending either position. It is of no use to consider what a fetus would become as it could be someone like Steve Jobs, an average person, or someone like Hitler or the Sandy Hook killer. Emotional appeals are not for making policy and law decisions.

    The eternal destination comment was not an argument for abortion as it is only after the fact one would know their “destination” nor is the logical conclusion “kill every baby in the world” however “kill every baby that wouldn’t have the choice or would reject Christianity” could be. It was a jab at your theology, as you have stated the Bible only hints at the idea of children going to heaven. Which I would argue that the Bible only hints that children of believing parents go to heaven, children of non-believers it is silent or could equally hint they are condemned. As I challenged before (http://www.davidwhiting.org/my_weblog/2012/11/most-dangerous-place-in-america.html#comments) the Bible and God do not seem to have an issue with abortion or the killing of children.

  8. It was March 1982 as I stood on a street corner in Central, PA.  I was crossing the street to enter a Family Planning Center.  My wife and I knew that if we were going to have children it would be through adoption.  This was my first contact to pursue adoption.  I was so naive and this was our first attempt to reach out to pursue adoption.  I vividly remember the Director of the Family Planning Center looking at me when I told her that my wife and I were looking to adopt and asked if she could help, saying:  “Oh, we never have women coming in here looking to adopt.” Later, I found out that the Family Planning Center was a referral center for abortions.  The Director of the Center was gracious and provided me with high level information about what she knew regarding adoption and agencies I could contact. 
    Fast forward three years.  My wife and I had relocated from Central, PA to Pittsburgh.  I had a different job and if I had to stack rank where a child would come from this Family Planning Center would not even be on the list.  After all “Oh, we never have women coming in here looking to adopt.”…………….and then the phone rings in my work office.  “Hi, this is _______ from the Family Planning Center.  Do you remember me?”  I said Yes, how are you?  She told me that she just had the strangest experience.  An 18 year old college student came in to the Family Planning Center and “she is insistent” on adopting her baby.  The Director then said:  “Are you still interested in adoption”
    Fast forward and now it is January 2013 and my wife and I continue to rejoice at the “Gift of God” God provided to us on October 16, 1985.  I recently asked our son and his wife if I could take our grandson with me for a road trip.  I want to take hold my grandson in my arms while standing at the same street corner I stood at in 1982 and reflect on God’s care for many things.   Thank you God for the 18 year old college student who walked into an abortion referral center in 1985 and was “insistent on adopting her baby”.  Thank you God for causing that Family Planning Center Director to remember me and somehow track me down.  Thank you God for giving me the strength to cross that street in 1982.  To God be all the honor, praise and glory.  I am so thankful for the North Ridge Church and Compass Care Partnership that help Women to Turn Fear Into Confidence.    

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