16:5 Conference – A great story and great video

Below is a third video we filmed to help promote our 16:5 conference. We asked some pastors who had indicated that our 16:5 Conference was helpful to them – to share a bit of their story.

Today's video is of Doug Forman, lead pastor of Breezeport Baptist Church. I am friend's with the previous senior pastor and he moved to Michigan (and is doing a great job there), but Breezeport just kept moving along under the leadership of Doug and Josh Jones, their youth and worship pastor.

Here is a list of some of the exciting changes that have taken place in the past couple of years. The blessing of God and the leadership needed to pull off these changes is pretty immense:

  • The church unanimously voted to change Bible translations.
  • The church launched a Small Group Ministry.
  • The leaders changed the culture of how people dress in order to reach those far from God and make it easier to invite people.
  • They launched a second service beginning September 9, 2012.
  • They continue to grow in numbers and in seeing lives transformed.
  • They recently an entire family of 7 came to Christ
    in a two-month period.
  • They set an attendance record for a “non-special” Sunday on of 379. That is compared to 264 last year at this same time.
  • Last summer they averaged about 260, and this summer (even through vacation season) averaged 350. The fall average has been 360.
  • Their attendance grew by 19 last fiscal year. And since September, they have grown by 40 more people!
  • They launched a Capital Campaign for construction of a “Youth and Education Building.” It is a $2.1 million project. Their campaign goal was $750,000. But their total commitments were $1.4 million. For a church this size – it is amazing!!

I know a little bit about leading a church through change, but that list intimidates me! These guys are doing a great job!

I'm so excited to have them again this year so we can learn from them and they can rub shoulders with a couple hundred other church leaders who long to make more and better disciples!

Be sure to watch this two minute video!

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  1. That’s amazing! It’s incredible to see people with a laser-focus on the Gospel making changes (even when staying the same is way easier) and removing all cultural obstacles that hinder the hearing of that Gospel. I love it!!!

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