What was your best or most meaningful Christmas gift?

What was the best Christmas gift you were ever given?  I don't mean as a child, but perhaps as an adult or a teenager.  Maybe it was an engagement ring, your dad bought you a car, or your child came home for a visit from war. What is the best gift you ever remember receiving? And would you be willing to tell me about it?

If you receive this as an email, you can "reply" and I will receive it. If you view this on a reader or the website, just send me a brief email ([email protected]). I'd love to hear your story.

I won't use your name or story unless I ask you… I'm looking for a little help for a small project and would love to share a couple of examples.

  1. This year my husband and I have already received two very meaningful gifts. The first is a quilt that was pieced together by my husband’s great-grandmother, whom we were very close to, and finished by his grandmoter. It is a beautiful quilt and I love that every time we look at it we will think of them.

    The second gift arrived today from my parents in Minnesota: a cooler containing three bags of cleaned fish my dad caught himself, all still frozen solid. What a fun gift! And I think the fish from my home are the tastiest in the country, and probably the world, so we were thrilled.

    Both of these gifts are so very thoughtful, and really, are a piece of the givers as much as anything else. And we love them even more because they bring to us a little bit of home and family in a town where we have no family.

    I have to add that since I met my husband, a Christmas hasn’t gone by without a letter from him. There is nothing else he could give me that can compare to those letters.

  2. Hand painted portraits of my three kids. Special because well, it’s my kids and also because my sister in law painted them for me:) it means a lot to me that she would dedicate hours of her busy life to make me something that I will cherish for the rest of my life!

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