Are You Bringing Guests This Weekend to Northridge?

Hello Northridge! Are you bringing guests with you Sunday or Monday? Here are a couple of reminders.

  • Sunday will be a "regular" Sunday and a great way to introduce people to our church. If someone has Christmas Eve plans, this may be the best invite.
  • Monday afternoon will be two Christmas Eve services – with a lot of music and I will be briefly teaching (8 minutes… time it, I know you don't believe it)… 
  • For Christmas Eve, we are asking that you get tickets – so we can regulate numbers and make sure we have enough volunteers. Of course, the tickets are free. Please pick them up on Sunday (at either campus) or go online and print them. You can find them online HERE.

One final thought that will make Sunday and Monday easier for new people. If you are bringing families with children – you can speed up the check-in process by registering them before your arrival.  If you go HERE – you can register them now. That way – when they check in, it will be very quick. Don't feel that you must do this, but if they are worried about security, it will help them know how seriously we take caring for our children. And it will speed up the check-in process.

For Sunday, you can register any child 5th grade or under. On Monday, we are only doing childcare for four-year-olds and under.

Remember, this isn't necessary, but if you are bringing people and it wouldn't freak them out, registering them ahead of time will make it quicker for them and everyone else at check-in. You have to decide if this would be helpful or not to them. If you are bringing family, hopefully this will be an easy request so that our process can be sped up as much as possible.

You may want to send them the link so they can fill out the forms as they may wonder why you want this information just to show up for church. You can click on the photo below to be taken to the registration page.



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