Social Media / Priorities – part 3


Before you read this – know this: I believe there are great and appropriate uses for FACEBOOK. I am on FACEBOOK. My fear is that you may get defensive and not hear that I'm simply asking for discernment and balance.

I just think that sometimes Christians aren't as discerning about life as we should be. So please don't read this as any opposition to FACEBOOK, but a warning to be very careful how you use it.

Here are some stats I read recently (I don't remember the exact numbers, but this is close):

  • 85% of people's FACEBOOK posts are about themselves.
  • 90% of people on FACEBOOK think others talk about themselves too much.

How do those two stats fit together? At face value it would seem that people talk about themselves a lot while thinking others talk about themselves TOO much. The more I think about that stat, the more humorous it gets to me.

I do know that people post things on FACEBOOK because they assume others are interested. I suppose part of the problem is that accepting a "friend" results in that "friend" not nearly being as interested in your life as you are interested in sharing your life. And although your mom may want to know every detail of your life, your high school friend from 30 years ago, your co-worker on the other side of the office, and your third cousin probably doesn't care to know everything.

And the automatic response to that paragraph may be "if they aren't interested, they can 'de-friend' me." And I suppose that is true, but I wonder if something deeper may be going on here. The reality is, there are perceptions about you with your FACEBOOK "friends." Some of which may be true, but many which may not be fair. But if FACEBOOK is the only contact one has with you – what would they conclude about you?

Take it for what it's worth… It may or may not be worth considering.

  1. David you bring up some good points. You can also adjust your privacy settings to only share with certain groups like immediate family etc. However, one good thing about social media and mainly Facebook is that it is a great way to indirectly witness to nonbelievers. Sharing a verse of scripture, a photo from church or simply thanking God for something like an answered prayer gets seen by a lot of people during the course of their day. A good percentage of Facebook friends see these posts when they sign on in their news feeds. I personally try to weave these in with more day to day life posts like complaining about the Bills or sharing a family picture. Anyways you have given me pause to be more aware of what I share going forward.

  2. Amen and amen! Good thoughts, David. I’ve actually had people get a little irritated with me because I don’t do facebook. I’m on there, but I don’t pay much attention to it.

    It seems to be the way people want to communicate. My husband finally told people trying to reach me to do it the old fashioned way – email her!

  3. Facebook is probably a way of escaping real Face time. Relationships are hard work and take time… actual face time not a blurb and a pic. We depersonalize relationships through these mediums. Not criticizing FB benefits just making an observation. I am on FB also and hardly ever post anything but some of the posts I read are inane comments about self or in some instances real cries for relationship…face to face.

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