Most Dangerous Place in America

"Since Roe v. Wade, the womb has been the most dangerous place that an American has even been. There is a one-third fatality rate between conception and birth. We didn't have a one-third fatality rate at Iwo Jima. We didn't have a one-third fatality rate at Omaha Beach. We didn't have a one-third fatality rate at the battle of Gettysburg, even if you count the deaths on both sides."

– Richard Land

  1. Without abortion there is a two-fifths fatality rate from conception to birth. The womb has never been safe, add in the 20% or higher infant mortality rate before modern medicine and from conception to 1 year after birth one third of conceptions end in death without abortion. Now with abortion we have the same rate but less chance of women dying. If you want abortion rates to go down education and free access to birth control seems to be the best answer. Legislation doesn’t prevent desperate people from having abortions.

    (my calculation: 16% of fertilized eggs don’t implant, 50% are naturally aborted before a women is aware she is pregnant, 15% after a women is aware she is pregnant)

  2. Lord, have mercy on us!


    This is the interminable emotional argument. Mr. Land has dramatized his message to tug on heart strings. It’s true that approximately 1/3 of pregnancies end naturally. It’s also true that abortion kills about 1.3 million Americans every year.

    Abortion is evil.

    The verdict is still out in the medical literature on the actual impact of contraception on abortion rates. It seems to act differently in different populations. The studies that point to contraception effectiveness are typically performed and published by pro-abortion researchers, and studies that find the opposite are generally done by pro-life researchers.

    That said, if we want to see abortion end, I’m pretty convinced that more contraception is not the answer. A contraceptive mentality is itself at the roots of abortion. It assumes that children are generally undesirable, or that pregnancy is a disease to be prevented, or (at the very least) it divorces the intimate purpose of sex from its natural reproductive purpose. Our culture teaches us to “manage” our family size the way we manage money. I know that’s not what we tell ourselves, but I’m not so sure that the widespread use of contraception our protestant churches isn’t a concession to a materialistic worldview.

    I’m exploring here, so I welcome feedback from those who are willing to consider this thoughtfully and biblically.

    Anyway, I’ve gone a little far afield from the original abortion question. Ultimately the question we have to ask every time is “What does the Bible say?” Without an objective standard, all we can have is emotional argument.

    The Bible clearly treats the child in the womb as fully human, created in His image. That, for me, ends the argument on abortion altogether.

  3. I find abortion amoral in most situations before viability, necessary in some situations, and immoral (evil) in a few. But because it is situation dependent it is very much a gray area ethically.

    For studies on the effectiveness of contraception they can be colored by who is preforming the studies and methodology. Most people that are against abortion are also against contraception because they believe there is a chance it could cause an abortion but there is no evidence for that conclusion.

    To consider this issue biblically it is important to consider that the killing of a child in the womb is not punishable by death like murder unless the woman dies or is harmed (Ex 21:22-23), children are only given value after one month (Lev 27:6), God seems ok with ordering the killing children and pregnant women (Num 31:15-17), God is ok killing a child to punish its parents (2 Sam 12:14), God orders and appears to cause abortions with women that have been unfaithful (Num 5:21-31), God orders the death of women who committed adultery without consideration that she may be pregnant (Lev 20:10). The Bible treats a child as fully human in cases where God is “speaking” through the author reflecting on their own conception and birth, those are very specific people that God plans to use for his own purpose who are valued as a full adult, extrapolating that to every child in the womb when God has clearly shown it is not the case is to interpret the Bible emotionally.

    I read the Law as God establishing his society as he pleases, if children, whether in our out of the womb, were important then he could have made the Law reflect that.

    As to managing our family size that is important because death rate is not what it was and it is important to keep population in check or we risk our own lives and those of our children. Also if you have more children then you can support then you and your children become a burden to society which I believe is also not a good thing biblically.

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