Two Books Parents Should Read

Ali in Kindergarten and as a senior:

Ali - K

School 02













This week our oldest daughter had her "last first day" of school. I easily get teary-eyed, and Wednesday was a difficult day for me to comprehend. How could my little girl, who just started Kindergarten a little while ago (didn't she), be a senior in high school?

I think there are strengths and weaknesses to every school choice that parents make (public, Christian, or home school). None of those choices are without their own blessings and dangers.

If I could get every parent to read a book this fall – here are the two books I would choose:

  • "Going Public" by David & Kellie Pritchard – for any parents with children in public schools
  • "Why Christian Kids Rebel" by Tim Kimmel – for any parents with children in Christian School or are homeschooled.

If you are a parent – why not commit to read one or both of these books this month? It will help you think through how to parent more effectively in raising children who love Christ. You can get these books at our bookstore or at any major online bookstore.

Here are the covers:


Why Christian Kids Rebel














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