The Person HATED Multi-site and Let Everyone Know…

Yesterday, I wrote about the positive response to the Greece multi-site and felt that I needed to tell the other side…

So – here is my favorite photo from week #1 of the Greece multi-site –


Let me do my best to interpret and explain this photo. I think what Owen is trying to communicate here (as he got dropped off for the nursery in Greece) "Mom, I JUST got used to the nursery at Irondequoit. This is a VERY bad idea and I want to go back there."

Thankfully, mom took out her phone and shot this picture for me!

Owen, it's ok buddy! It will get better!


  1. He really missed Sue and Kathy!! He can’t believe they aren’t coming to Multi-Site ๐Ÿ™‚ And this is with his Mommy and in the nursery with him…..

  2. Yeah, Lindsi, thats pretty bad that you were there with him… I think it shows that my interpretation of his cry was pretty accurate. It wasnt about mom leaving him… it was a wait a minute… I just got used to it over there!!!

  3. Wow. Cute kid. You’ll be happy to know that this also happens quite frequently at home, so it’s not just a Multi-site thing!

    Adam, he’s actually upset because he was deceived into thinking his lead pastor was a real Vikings fan. This was just moments after that realization. I mean, I feel his pain… ;p

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