Greece Location Countdown to Launch

Here are the dates to keep in mind and some intentional changes you will begin to notice as we continue to prepare for our first multi-site location:

  • August 12, 19, 26 – Multi-siters meeting in Student Ministry Center during AM service
  • September 9 – Commissioning Sunday at Irondequoit Campus
  • September 16 – Pre-Launch Sunday #1 – First Sunday AM at Greece Campus
  • September 23 – Pre-Launch Sunday #2
  • September 30 – Pre-Launch Sunday #3
  • October 7 – GRAND OPENING

Please keep the multi-siters in your prayers.

Some changes you will start noticing:

  • We will begin calling our current church as "The Irondequoit Location" as opposed to "The Greece Location." We do realize that we are inside the city geographically, not in Irondequoit, but there are a few reasons we will be calling this our Irondequoit location (more on that later).
  • During sermons I will intentionally begin looking at the cameras on occasion (which I've avoided up to this point because it just feels "weird").
  • During sermons I will be directly addressing the Greece Location on a weekly basis.
  • With over 200 people going to the Greece Location, we will have plenty of space in our services again. Let's fill those spaces up!
  • We will be moving our services times up again so that we can get the sermon over to Greece in time for their 10:00 AM service (more on that soon).
  • Our regular fall parking squeeze should be greatly relieved for this fall, yet I would still encourage you to park in the zoo lot first, in the bottom corner second – to leave the prime spots for our guests, older attendees, and new people. Join our staff in parking far.

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