Final Hurdle Passed for Multi-Site

I just wanted to let you know that your prayers have been answered and our final hurdle was passed for us to have a multi-site in the Greece Ridge Mall @ Regal Theater!

By faith, we have been moving ahead and making plans and purchases, but the final approval had to happen when Nate Miller, our Greece Campus Pastor, had to appear before the Greece Town Board for a "Special Use Permit" on Tuesday evening.
They wanted site plans, floor plans, and many forms and applications to file. On August 21st, Nate appeared before the board and thankfully, all went smoothly and they voted to approve our special use permit!
They asked Nate four questions before voting:
  1. Will we have live music and how loud will it be? (Out of concern for neighbors nearby…)
  2. Will our service interfere with the regular working hours of the movie theater?
  3. Will
    there be Greece residents that will be attending/involved with starting
    this new campus? (Nate shared that the majority of our 150 adults
    currently live on the west side of the city, many of them live in the
    town of Greece.)
  4. What are our long term goals? How long do we see ourselves in the
    movie theater?  Nate shared that at this point we plan to evaluate in one year about our long term strategy. By then we must decide if "theater church" is a short term plan until we can buy or build or if it is a long-term strategy.

Thanks for your prayers!

  1. I find it interesting that the town of
    Greece would be concerned about us interfering with the regular working hours of the theater. Isn’t that the theater’s call? Anyway, thanks for sharing the wonderful news!

  2. I agree, Jean. But I think sometimes town board members just ask questions out of curiosity – to understand the issue rather than as a decision-making influence. Thats my guess, at least.

  3. This is great news! It’s exciting to see God open this door for us, allowing us greater access to share the Gospel message in Greece. God is good!

  4. Congratulations.

    So here is the question…if you can do this in the next town over, what are the things that would stop you from doing it in another state and even across the country? I know there are some obvious things that would make it a little more difficult, but if you think of a ‘franchise type’ model, I don’t see why it couldn’t work. A new denomination for the non-denominational church using modern world technology and methods.


  5. I dont think it necessarily has to stop us, but we also want to elevate
    church planting – and so our current model is multi-site within 30
    minutes… church plant over 60 minutes… and in between 30 to 60 – it

    I also think we are a slowly growing church (8 to 12% per year)…
    That isnt a model that likely will work well in a brand new area
    without a core group from our church… At least that is what I assume

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