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It has been a couple of years since I listed some of my blog ground rules… I've been wanting to do it for a long time, but wanted to wait until the right time. So here are some of my personal comment policies on my blog.

1. Please do not post anonymous comments.

You don't have to name your name in your comment, but if you don't have a verifiable email address – your comment will likely not be posted. Bravery and anonymity do not go together. If you have a comment – even if it is strong disagreement is fine, but I choose to not post anonymous comments. Your email won't be posted, but if you are inflamming the conversation or strongly disagreeing, that if fine, but at least give a real email address.

2. Be sure to stay on topic.

I won't post comments that aren't on the topic of the post.

3. You can share opinions, disagree or even argue, but you must be polite.

One of the points of a blog is to allow discussion. I welcome it, but it needs to be polite. Do not use my blog for your agenda.  If you can add to the discussion, please do.

4. If you receive this by email and "reply" to it – I will assume it is a comment for the audience and it may be posted.

If you don't want it posted (if it is for my eyes only) – just make that clear. That isn't a problem, just make sure I know.

OK – thanks for letting me get those ground rules back out there.


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