“Vogue” Magazine’s agreement

Just recently, in an attempt to promote healthier body images among their readers, all 19 different editions of "Vogue" magazine have agreed not to knowingly hire models under the age of 16 or models who appear to have an eating disorder.

Really? This is an agreement they need to come to? And what does it say about our culure that people buy 19 different editions of this magazine AND that models with obvious eating disorders "sell" to people of our culture? I'm not sure if the need for this agreement says more about "Vogue" or our culture.


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  1. This is a serious problem in our culture. The Journal of Christian Nursing(2010) vol 27 number 3 reports that this is not only a problem for girls but 1 to 3 million males in this country suffer from anorexia and bulimia. The article continues on to say that often those with an eating disorder have an incorrect perception of their worth to God . Understanding how God values us can help correct erroneous self-perception.

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