The PREPOSITION Test of Modesty

If you can see up it, down it, or through it – then dump it.

Every woman wants to look attractive. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that. The priority of that desire is where it can go "wrong." But through magazines and movies our culture bombards her with the notion that the more of her body she showed, the better she looks.

Adding to the problem is the fact that many young women have little idea of the extent to which their clothing (of lack thereof) affects men. What a young woman thinks is fashionable might be sending a different message altogether to men: "My body is available. Look and see."

MODESTY POSTERI think the preposition test is pretty good – if you can see up it, down it, or through it – then dump it. no matter how stylish the world says it is, get rid of it.

If you have to pull it down or super-glue your knees together to keep someone from seeing up it, if you have to pull it closed to keep someone from looking down it, or if it is so tight – it hugs every portion of "that" part of your body – dump it.

The question I would love my daughters to ask is not "How much can I show?" But the question should be, "How far will I go to make sure I am not unintentionally advertising my body?" Save your body for your husband's eyes. That's an attitue that God values and real men respect.


I found a majority of this in my files, but have no idea where I first found it… It is edited to my thoughts but I'm sorry I can't give credit…

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