1. David, Thanks for posting this video on Josh Hamilton as well as the PTI interview. I’m so proud of how the Lord has totally changed Josh and how his story is so powerfully impacting others as well. Back in 1999 when he came up with the Rays I was the chaplain for the HV Renegades (single A club for the Rays) and he would often come to Bible study and weekly chapel services…most of the pitchers would come to chapel on the day they were pitching out of “superstition” hoping that God would smile on their performance because they “put in their time” with the big guy upstairs that day. Josh was pretty regular but never said much, you could tell he was searching…it was players like Matt Diaz and a couple others who were solid believers who reached out to him and tried to encourage him. As you can imagine a huge signing bonus (I think he came to single A with a 3 or 4 million dollar bundle of cash when the other guys were making league minimum at best) and the temptations and all the stuff that comes with being a star was too much for him as we know but I love how God was right there when he needed him as He is for all of us. I gotta tell you man I really struggle when Texas plays the Yanks because I’m a diehard Yankee guy but I find myself cheering for Josh Hamilton when He steps to the plate…This is bigger than baseball, God has an incredible message amplification plan for guys like Hamilton, Teebow, Jeremy Lin etc. We need to be praying big time for these guys! Thanks for posting. God bless,

  2. Brent –

    Wow! Thats great! I thought of you with the Triple A Yankees here in Rochester that you would have made a good one-year chaplain for them – since they play most of their home games in Rochester this year!

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